POSITAL Cube Encoders

POSITAL's updated cube encoders feature a programmable and rugged design.

Press Photo Cube Encoder Posital
POSITAL FRABA 56cf5586b503f

POSITAL has updated its cube encoders – incremental rotary encoders with a cube-shaped housing – with new features and capabilities. 

  • Easy to install without special mounts or brackets
  • Built around POSITAL’s magnetic measurement platform
  • Measurement module provides high levels of accuracy and dynamic response
  • Rugged package is tolerant of shock and vibration loading, dust and moisture
  • Programmable design
  • Resolution can be set anywhere from 1-16,384 pulses per revolution (PPR) by updating devices’ software, with no changes to mechanical components
  • Pulse direction and output driver – either Push-Pull (HTL), RS422 (TTL) or Open Collector (NPN) – are defined through software
  • For use as drop-in replacements for traditional cube designs, with identical mechanical dimensions and interfaces
  • Can be used in existing as well as new machine designs
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