IXARC Optical Rotary Encoders with EtherCAT

POSITAL announces rotary encoders with EtherCAT communications interface

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POSITAL-FRABA’s high-performance IXARC optical rotary encoders are now available with EtherCAT communications interfaces. EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is a special form of industrial Ethernet that eliminates the unpredictable transmission delays that characterize ‘standard’ Ethernet networks.

  • EtherCAT networks ensure very rapid communications between a controller and other devices within a control system where real-time control is essential
  • EtherCAT systems also offer performance and scaling advantages over older fieldbus systems and can make use of inexpensive commercial Ethernet hardware
  • Both bus and star wiring topologies can be used for maximum flexibility in cable layout
  • IXARC absolute optical rotary encoders with EtherCAT offer resolution of up to 65,536 steps per turn (16 bits)
  • Multi-turn models with measuring ranges as large as 16,384 revolutions are available
  • EtherCAT interface, which was implemented using fast field programmable gate array (FPGA) circuits, provides cycle times of less than 125 microseconds
  • Encoders support cable redundancy for improved system reliability
  • Firmware can be updated through standard tools such as TwinCAT
  • Security needs are addressed with password protection
  • Encoders are available with shaft and connector seals rated up to IP67 and with explosion-proof (ATEX certified) stainless steel housings
  • Other industrial Ethernet systems supported by POSITAL-FRABA include EtherNet/IP, Profinet IO and MODBUS+ Ethernet TCP
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