Modustri SS Monitoring and Documentation App

The Modustri SS app enables users to easily perform in-field testing, predictive maintenance and condition monitoring without the need for cumbersome equipment.


Modustri introduces its iOS iPad application designed to innovate the ultrasonic data acquisition and management process.

  • Assists the NDT (non-destructive testing), predictive maintenance and condition monitoring processes
  • Works seamlessly with company’s ultrasonic thickness Wear Measurement Device (WMD) to improve efficiency, accuracy and reporting functions throughout a broad spectrum of essential inspection processes
  • WMD easily and securely clips to tablet and communicates through a patent pending Bluetooth protocol
  • Free to download from the App Store
  • Provides ability to quickly catalogue and document measurement data through a sharable and verifiable platform
  • Results can be provided in minutes with consistency and accuracy
  • Preloaded with major material velocity properties
  • Allows ultrasonic measurement of multiple material types such as steel and aluminum up to a material thickness of 5 in.
  • Reduces burden of having to carry cumbersome measurement equipment


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