Tri-Mark Metalloy Vantage D2 wire

Trimarkmetalloyvantaged2wire 10057812

Hobart Brothers offers Tri-Mark  Metalloy Vantage D2 and Tri-Mark Metalloy 80D2, two gas-shielded metal-cored welding wires designed to improve weld quality and reduce downtime on high-strength, low alloy steel welding applications.
• The Metalloy Vantage D2 welding wire produces weld toe lines almost completely free of silicon deposits and with little to no spatter
• Especially suited for single pass fillet welds
• Available in .045- and .052-in. wire diameters
• Metalloy 80D2 metal-cored welding wire for multi-pass welding
• Can be used proficiently on multiple types of weld joints and materials
• Available in .045-, .052- and 1/16-in. wire diameters

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