Schroeder Industries HYTRAX Fluid Sampling System

Schroeder Industries' HYTRAX Fluid Sampling System is a complete, compact system which includes a VSD pump and TestMate Particle Counter.

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Schroeder Industries introduces its HYTRAX Fluid Sampling System.

  • Compact system that includes VSD pump and TestMate Particle Counter (TCM) mounted on a small manifold block
  • Eliminates the task of locating a sampling port with adequate pressure and flow
  • Pump speed is adjustable and the systems are designed to operate on mineral based hydraulic fluids up to 350 cSt
  • Displays the ISO contamination codes and optional saturation levels
  • Available in two versions, a Manual Control version or a Remote Communications version
  • Manual Control version allows user to manually adjust pump speed to compensate for varying fluid viscosities
  • Retrieves ISO cleanliness levels from a reservoir tank or a low pressure line (<50 psi)
  • Compact design is ideal for installations on today's systems with tight space constraints
  • Can be powered with either 24V DC or 120V AC
  • Remote Communication version enables VSD pump to automatically be adjusted by the communication module to provide optimal flow to the TCM Particle Counter
  • Fluid sampling system collects data and the communications module transmits this data via GSM cellular communications, at 2 minute intervals
  • All data is transmitted through a secure VPN connection and is archived on a secure third level party server
  • Data is displayed on a custom dashboard with user selectable parameters
  • Able to send alert emails when programmed thresholds are reached, providing maintenance mangers with the visibility and information to
  • pro-actively schedule preventative maintenance on local and remote equipment


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