Sciemetric Patents Leak Testing Methods

Sciemetric Instruments has patented 12 innovations the company developed for its 3520 Series Leak Test.

Sciemetric Instruments Inc., a pioneer of Industry 4.0 smart technologies used by many global manufacturers to increase yield, improve quality and optimize manufacturing processes, has secured a patent for “Leak Testing Methods and Systems” from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Leak testing is one of the most common, and frustrating, assembly line tests for many manufacturers. From inkjet printer cartridges to large diesel engines, leak testing is a crucial quality assurance process to catch product defects that can lead to warranty claims and recalls.

But conventional leak testing methods often miss leaks, create bottlenecks on the production line and can’t easily compensate for environmental variables that can skew results.

Sciemetric’s Leak Testing Methods and Systems patent covers the innovations contained in the 3520 Series Leak Test, which Sciemetric released in October 2014. This flexible and intelligent system set a new standard for leak testing, by boosting the speed and accuracy by which leak tests can be carried out on the production line. Sciemetric began the lengthy process to patent many of the innovations contained in the 3520 during its development.

“For many companies that deliver leak testing products and services, it’s difficult to bring fresh thinking to the challenge,” says Richard Brine, Sciemetric’s Chief Technology Officer. “This is evident in the fact that we were able to cover 12 innovations in one patent, despite the supposed maturity of this technology area. We continuously invest in R&D to bring great new products to market.”

“This patent illustrates how Sciemetric takes a multidisciplinary approach to quality assurance that made us distinct in the marketplace long before the rise of ‘big data’ or ‘Industry 4.0,’” says Nathan Sheaff, Sciemetric’s Founder and CEO. “The 12 innovations covered in the patent reflect a unique combination of skills in pneumatics, sensors, electronics, signature analysis and enterprise-grade software.”