Climatic Vehicle Chamber

T/CCI's Climatic Vehicle Chamber enables on-site testing of HVAC systems in extreme conditions to ensure performance and durability.

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T/CCI Manufacturing has acquired a Climatic Vehicle Chamber for on-site testing of products and equipment.

  • Enables rigorous testing of HVAC systems simulating extreme conditions to ensure optimum performance, durability and reliability 
  • Tests ambient and road conditions to make sure HVAC systems meet customer specifications, federal requirements and that systems are functioning at best capacity
  • Simulation testing includes climatic, wind, temperature, humidity and all possible road loads
  • Features temperature control from -30 to 50 C
  • Can create airflow up to 160 kph
  • Dynamometer has front wheel, rear wheel, all wheel, and tandem axle capability
  • Measures 23 ft. 9 in. wide and 39 ft. 8 in. long
  • Includes modern data acquisition system where custom tests can be programmed for virtually any test cycle
  • Can test HVAC Systems in heavy trucks, construction and agricultural equipment
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