LMS SCADAS XS Portable Noise and Vibration Data Acquisition System

LMS SCADAS XS from Siemens provides the ability to collect noise and vibration testing data in the lab or in the field.

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Siemens PLM Software has launched its LMS SCADAS XS, a powerful and portable noise and vibration data acquisition system which combines the productivity and measurement quality typical of the LMS SCADAS family with the autonomy and flexibility of a pocket-sized solution.

  • For easy in-vehicle or in-field measurements, delivering testing productivity and securing data quality
  • Enables both expert and non-expert users to perform the necessary tests throughout the product lifecycle, from early design up through in-field troubleshooting
  • Can fit in the palm of a hand, measuring 170 mm H x 114 mm W x 23 mm D
  • Records and conditions noise and vibration signals acquired from a variety of sensors
  • Can be used as a standalone recorder, with a tablet over Wi-Fi, or connected directly to a PC through USB
  • Battery autonomy and ample on-board storage capacity allows testing engineers to stay unwired and on the go for a full day’s testing
  • Available in a standard six-channel version and an advanced 12-channel version
  • Includes basic analog input channels (for V/ICP, including TEDS to support typical sensors such as microphones and accelerometers)
  • Supports a headset for binaural recording and stereo audio replay, a digital artificial head through dual SPDIF inputs, two analog tacho signals for RPM measurements, vehicle CANbus signals, and GPS
  • PC not required
  • Included tablet application allows engineers to prepare test setups, and monitor and validate test data on the go
  • LMS Smart Scope, a tailor-made application, allows for easy data validation – including audio replay – through a Wi-Fi connection with the unit
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