AB Dynamics Plato 7.25 NVH Test System

The newest version of AB Dyanmics' Plato test system include enhanced dynamic backlash measurement capabilities.

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AB Dynamics introduces the latest version of its noise/vibration/harshness (NVH) test system, Plato 7.25.

  • Includes transmission error (TE), backlash and balance measurement and analysis capabilities
  • Tests range of products including transmissions; axles; 4x4 transfer cases; PTO units; cold, crank and hot engines; power steering systems (HPS, EHPS, EPS); and complete vehicles and component parts
  • Well suited for testing in environments such as end-of-line, in-process, off-line audit, R&D, durability, in-vehicle and pass-by
  • Contains enhanced dynamic backlash measurement capabilities with additional methods for backlash calculation, such as reversal of rotational direction and load direction (torque flip)
  • Backlash can be calculated by measuring pulse durations from high pulse rate encoders and using encoder edge-counting
  • Supports numerous National Instruments data acquisition hardware options
  • Supports PCIe-6612 plug-in card with up to eight high pulse-rate encoder channels being measured simultaneously in pulse duration or edge-counting modes for analysis of complex drivelines and gear systems
  • Includes functionality for test machine health monitoring in parallel with product testing and provides additional information when trend data is reviewed
  • Plato Analysis Licenses (PALs) can be downloaded by anyone at any time free-of-charge when data capture is not required and users simply wish to review and analyse data
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