Flexxaire Engine Cooling Fans

The Flexxaire Engine Cooling fans from Flexxaire Inc. feature auto reverse capabilities to clean radiators.

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Flexxaire Inc. engineers its Flexxaire Engine Cooling Fans to provide the heavy equipment industry optimized cooling systems that save money, reduce emissions and allow engines to work harder.

  • Features hydraulic or pneumatic actuation
  • Automatically reverses to clean radiators and prevent overheating
  • Variable airflow capabilities are integrated with engine control system to monitor real-time fluid temperatures and adjust airflow to minimize fan power draw and save fuel 
  • Maintenance free as synthetic oil provides constant lubrication for all moving parts
  • Hub assembly is sealed for life with o-rings on all critical surfaces
  • High-quality bearing/bushing system ensures a smooth blade shaft rotation
  • Rotary union cartridge is designed for ease of replacement and thousands of hours of use
  • Available in a variety of configurations and ranges in sizes from 405 to 1,550 mm
  • Can be customized for most industrial applications 
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