EH90 and EH99 Big Block V-Twin Engines

Subaru has added two engines to its line of big block V-Twin engines, the 35 hp EH90 and 40 hp EH99.

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Subaru Industrial Engines introduces two big block V-Twin engines, the 35 hp EH90 and 40 hp EH99. These engines meet a growing demand for larger, air-cooled gasoline engines that deliver increased power for a wider range of applications.

  • Well suited for equipment like concrete polishers, riding trowels, utility vehicles, zero-turn mowers and ride-on blowers
  • Features extreme durability, low maintenance and heat-reduction technology
  • Both engines are 999cc and feature heavy-duty connecting rods, large crankshaft bearings and three-ring pistons
  • Hardened exhaust valve and seats can handle high temperatures, which improves engine performance, efficiency and overall life
  • Temperature sensors are located on engine heads and will shut off engine to prevent any damage from overheating due to clogged air intake valves
  • Includes dual element air filter that protects against dust and reduces maintenance
  • A Donaldson canister-style air cleaner comes standard
  • Inlet pre-cleaner on air cleaner provides extra filtration by removing majority of particles before they reach filter, minimizing maintenance and extending intervals between cleanings or filter changes                               
  • Low oil pressure sensor allows equipment manufacturers to offer control panel alerts or automatic engine shutoff
  • Pressurized lubrication systems keep engine well lubricated by pumping oil directly to every critical bearing, even when a piece of equipment is operating at extreme angles
  • Lubrication system also allows use of an automotive grade spin-on oil filter, which removes dirt and carbon solids to keep oil clean and extend time between oil changes
  • Oversized oil cooler reduces temperature of oil to extend oil life
  • Complies with all current EPA and CARB requirements
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