TCD 12.0 and 16.0 V-Engines

The DEUTZ V-engines, TCD 12.0 AND TCD 16.0, are robustly designed in a compact and lightweight package.

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DEUTZ's V-engines, the six-cylinder TCD 12.0 and eight-cylinder TCD 16.0, are robustly designed and offer low operating costs.

  • Meets EU Stage IV and U.S. Tier 4 emissions levels
  • Features compact design and light weight
  • TCD 12.0 delivers maximum output of 390 kW and maximum torque of 2,130 Nm
  • TCD 16.0 provides maximum output of 520 kW and top torque of 2,890 Nm
  • Electronically controlled turbocharger guarantees top performance
  • Compact V-design plus front and rear PTOs with up to three auxiliary PTOs minimize installation costs
  • Conform to Emissions Level IV with SCR-only concept of two SCR systems engaged in series
  • SCR-only concept makes it possible to dispense with exhaust-gas recirculation 
  • Intelligent Heat Management System (HMS) regulates exhaust-gas temperature
  • Maintains fuel-economy advantage of previous Tier engines


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