Cummins X15 Heavy-Duty Engines

The Cummins X15 Performance and X15 Efficiency Series engines provide lower fuel consumption come factor-ready for Over-the-Air engine programming.

X15 Performance Series
X15 Performance Series
Cumminslo 10108212

Cummins Inc. has revealed the next-generation 15-L X15 heavy-duty engine.

  • Rated at 400-605 hp (298.28-451.15 kW) 
  • Ready to exceed EPA 2017 greenhouse gas (GHG) and fuel-efficiency standards
  • Provides lower fuel consumption, extended service intervals and enhanced performance 
  • Incorporates ADEPT, SmartCoast and Predictive Cruise Control (PCC) functions to gain a further 3% fuel economy improvement
  • Features 400 hp (298.28 kW) braking power at 1,300 rpm
  • Includes optimized compression ratio, air handling system and cam profile to increase both fuel efficiency and performance capability
  • Optimized cam profile minimizes inherent parasitic loss during combustion, increasing thermal efficiency and providing high compression ratio
  • Cummins VGT Turbo and XPI fuel system improve engine response and reduce fuel consumption
  • Minimized friction losses throughout, including water pump, gear train, lube system, piston and EGR provide additional efficiencies
  • Factory-ready to enable Over-the-Air (OTA) engine programming and customization when connected to a telematics system
  • Two configurations available, the X15 Performance Series and X15 Efficiency Series

X15 Performance Series

  • Rated at 485-605 hp (361.66-451.15 kW)
  • For heavy-haul, vocational and emergency vehicles
  • Upgraded high flow air-handling system gives faster pedal response for enhanced driveability at full payload and steep-gradient climbing
  • Peak torque of 2,050 lbs.-ft. (2779.43 Nm) is delivered across a very wide engine rpm range, so less shifting is needed and less fuel is used
  • Provides over 450 hp (335.57 kW) engine braking at just 1,500 rpm and up to 600 hp (447.42 kW) at 2,100 rpm

X15 Efficiency Series

  • For line-haul and regional-haul applications
  • Offers high level of fuel efficiency and payload productivity
  • Power rating range of 400-500 hp (298.28-372.85 kW) and up to 1,850 lbs.-ft. (2508.26 Nm) of peak torque available at 1,000 rpm
  • Delivers class-leading fuel economy when integrated with Cummins and Eaton SmartAdvantage Powertrain by precisely adjusting to grade, vehicle weight and driver input via throttle position


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