Tier 4i Series 2000 Engines

MTU showcases its Tier 4 interim Series 2000 engines.

MTU Series 2000 engine for EPA Tier 4i
MTU Series 2000 engine for EPA Tier 4i
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Covering a power range of 760-1,560 bhp, the redesigned MTU Series 2000 diesel engine is ready for EPA Tier 4 interim standards, and the same engine platform will meet Tier final standards beginning in 2015.

  • Compliance with emissions requirements using only EGR
  • Up to 8% saving on fuel compared to predecessor engines
  • Constant power to an altitude of 10,168 ft. (3,100 m) 
  • Compact and efficient design
  • Life-cycle costs are low thanks to reduced fuel consumption and long TBO (time between overhaul) intervals which can be up to 18,000 hours depending on load profile
  • Used, for example, in harbor and mobile cranes, excavators, underground and open-cast mining vehicles such as haul trucks and wheel loaders, as well as for drilling equipment and pumps
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