FPT V20 Stage V Makes European Debut at Agritechnica 2017

The FPT V20 Stage V engine features a 90 degree V8 (8 cylinder) architecture and provides up to a 2% fuel savings.

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For the first time in Europe, FPT Industrial showcases its new V20 Stage V at Agritechnica (Hannover, November 12-18 - Hall 16 - Stand C35). "Power without compromise", FPT Industrial’s top-of-the-range engine is specially dedicated to harvesting applications. The V20 is best-in-class for power-to-weight ratio (13% more than V12 cylinder competitors’ average), and for compactness in its category.

The FPT V20 is a 20-L engine with a 90 degree V8 (8 cylinder) architecture, delivering a maximum power of up to 910 hp at 1,800 rpm and maximum torque of up to 4,100 Nm at 1,500 rpm. Thanks to the 2,200 bar Common Rail Injection system and ECU (Electronic Control Unit) – the same adopted by the FPT Industrial Cursor engine family – it has a high system efficiency and low fluid consumption. Reliability is granted by the EGR-free system, high resistance materials and single-stage WG turbocharging.

The V20 is not only designed for farmers and agricultural applications, but also for the construction segment, power generation, military and railways, covering both stationary and mobile applications. The V20 promises top efficiency benefits: it permits up to 2% fuel savings (compared to V12 cylinder engine averages) thanks to lower friction and smaller displacement. Furthermore, the cross-bank exhaust system design releases optimal turbocharger fluid-dynamics for maximum efficiency.

The V20’s design has a one-sided serviceability: oil, fuel and blow by filter are placed on the front side, allowing for easy accessibility via the vehicle hood. In addition to this, the filters are remote-mounted on request to fit multiple applications layouts. Furthermore, the single cylinder heads are composed of high-resistance nodular cast iron, which ensures higher performance with 220 bar PCP and easier serviceability.

The V20 also adopts FPT Industrial’s patented HI-eSCR technology, the exclusive maintenance-free ATS solution invented by FPT Industrial after more than 25 years of experience in the field. This system provides maximum vehicle uptime and low cost of ownership, while the turbocharger layout with turbines outlet junction improves and simplifies performance and piping of the ATS.