Series 4000 Mining Engines

Tognum's Series 4000 engines are available as Tier 4 Interim or Tier 4 Final compliant dependent on customers' needs.

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From 2015, Tognum's Series 4000 engines for Tier 4 covers the 800 to 3,000 kW (1,070 to 4,020 hp) power range with eight-, 12-, 16- and 20-cylinder versions. On customer request the Tier 4i or Tier 4 Final compliant engines will be available even before 2015.

  • Applications mainly include use in heavy mining vehicles, wheel loaders or excavators
  • Consumes up to 3% less fuel than current Tier 2 engines
  • Two-stage turbocharging system with three turbochargers provides greater torque and delivers constant power
  • Performance remains constant up to 3,200 meters (10,500 ft) altitude without derate
  • Will utilize in-engine technology only to meet emission requirements
  • Features exhaust gas recirculation technology and Miller valve control for NOx-reduction
  • Includes optimized common rail injection system and increased injection pressure
  • Offers per-cylinder displacement of 4.77 liters
  • ADEC (Stage ECU9) controls engine and all sub-functions 


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