Volvo Penta TAD1643VE-B 16-Liter Engine

Volvo Penta has launched its TAD1643VE-B 16-liter engine featuring a water-cooled turbo-charger for more dynamic performance in heavy-duty mobile applications at bauma 2016.

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Volvo Penta's TAD1643VE-B 16-L diesel engine offers a raft of benefits including improved fuel consumption, increased torque and a new turbo-charger.

  • Provides reliable, compact and cost-effective
  • Offers alternative to bigger engines (19-20 L engines) which is suitable for mobile, versatile applications where engine dimensions, weight and limited space are concerns
  • Delivers 565 kW (757.68 hp)
  • Based on the TAD1643VE, but with modified features to enable it to be installed in a wider range of machines
  • Follows same engine footprint as previous model as far as possible to keep commonality of parts in customers’ installations, such as shared common electrical and physical interfaces with Stage IIIA, Stage IV and Tier 4 Final engines
  • Water-cooled turbo-charger makes more dynamic and suitable for mobile applications
  • New fuel injectors and more efficient combustion provide improved fuel consumption and lower operating costs
  • Includes Volvo Group patented engine brake technology offering 250 kW (335.26 hp) performance and 10 times higher engine brake capacity
  • Turbo-charger increases torque and torque curve
  • Extending torque curve allows for better performance at a wider range of RPM, making it more powerful, particularly at the lower end of RPM
  • Electronically controlled wastegate allows for mobile, high altitude and stationary applications
  • Includes EGR-free emissions reduction system
  • Features modern engine control unit (ECU) and same electrical interface as the latest Stage IV/Tier 4 Final engine to enable ease of installation
  • Upgraded engine management system (EMS 2.3)
  • Includes heavy-duty cooling packages, retarder thermostat housing and rear power take-off 
  • Compliant with China NS III emissions regulations for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) and EPA Tier 2 Power Band E (for stationary emergency generators).
  • Latest version of Volvo Penta’s portable diagnostic tool VODIA 5.2 is available
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