1206E IOPU

Perkins offers a plug-and-play Industrial Open Power Unit.

Iopu1 10183339
Perkinslo 10108214

Perkins will launch a new Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB compliant range of Industrial Open Power Units (IOPU) that will see an increase in power, torque and the number of options available. IOPUs are a turnkey power package comprising engine, aftertreatment, radiator, air cleaner and optional compressor.

  • First available package is 1206E IOPU, with  1206E-70TTA 7-liter, six-cylinder engine, capable of producing 205 kW (275 hp)
  • High pressure common rail fuel system and two-stage turbos with smart wastegate for responsiveness
  • IOPU is a factory-built package, although there is a degree of installation flexibility; aftertreatment can be mounted above the engine or left loose 
  • Ideal for OEMs that require minimum or no engineering work on machines; it's a "plug in and play" solution


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