Luxfer GEN2 G-Stor Go Cylinder

At ACT Expo 2016, Luxfer launched its GEN2 G-Stor Go alternative fuel storage cylinders featuring a 9% storage volume increase over the previous version.

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Luxfer Gas Cylinders has launched the GEN2 G-Stor Go cylinder, its second generation of G-Stor Go Type 4 carbon composite cylinders for alternative fuel (AF) containment.

  • Provides 9% volume increase of compressed natural gas (CNG) in terms of diesel gallon equivalents (DGEs)
  • Offers 15% weight savings compared to company's first-generation Type 4 AF cylinders.
  • DGE volume is 14% greater and weight savings is 30% when compared to conventional competitive hybrid carbon-fiberglass cylinders
  • Diameters from 22-27 in. (55.88-68.58 cm) available
  • Lengths range from 40-140 in. (101.6-355.6 cm)
  • Features new polymer liner and patented boss design that provides high level of liner performance and gas retention
  • Includes Luxfer's proprietary G-Flo valves which enable faster filling and provide more usable gas
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