Polyslide Smart Cylinder

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Polygon Co. introduces the Polyslide smart cylinder, a hydraulic sensing cylinder that allows new options in having the electronic sensing component part of the cylinder tube, not mechanically affixed to the tube body or gun bored rod. The smart cylinder incorporates Sentrinsic's Capacitively Grounded Resistance Divider (CFRD) for low cost, high performance, non-contacting in-cylinder position feedback.
  • Technology can sense units of measure traveled, vibration, or other data
  • CGRD resolution is less than 0.020 in. (.5mm)
  • CGRD works via resistive film along length of stroke
  • Cylinder can relay signal to centralized location via wireless access
  • Cylinder's outer metal tube keeps cylinder round
  • Composite metal tube does most of pressure work
  • Sentrinsic was founded to commercialize technology developed at Georgia Tech's Fluid Power and Motion Control Center
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