Danfoss PVE Series 7 Actuators

The Danfoss PVE Series 7 actuators ensures high precision of valve flow with high repeatability for improved machine performance and productivity.

Pve S7
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The PVE Series 7 is the latest actuator series to join the Danfoss PVE portfolio, which offers customers fast, accurate and intelligent operation with plug-and-perform design.

  • Works in conjunction with Danfoss high performance proportional valves — PVG 32, PVG 100, PVG 120 and the new PVG 128 and PVG 256, as well as steering valves EHPS, EH, EHi and OSPE
  • Uses spool position feedback signal to close loop on PVG/steering valve main spool position, ensuring it is in the right position at a given input signal
  • Ensures high precision of valve flow with high repeatability which leads to improved machine performance and productivity, as well as less operator fatigue
  • Comes with built-in safeguards, including fault monitoring and options of spool direction indication, spool position feedback and separate float control
  • Enhanced spool position sensor with dual demodulator increases diagnostic coverage to make actuators safer and more reliable
  • Easy to upgrade due to 100% backwards compatibility with PVE Series 4 actuators 
  • Provides more space around valve due to compact design, providing better design flexibility
  • Features microcontroller with embedded software algorithms which gives increased repeatability and superior performance
  • Temperature range of -40-90 C (-40-194 F)
  • Easy to install
  • Easy system upstart and event monitoring enabled by LED lights on all actuators so electronic wiring can be tested without powering up hydraulic system
  • E-marked according to UNECE R10
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