Liebherr LiView Intelligent Position Transducer for Hydraulic Cylinders

At Hannover Messe 2017, Liebherr Components introduced its LiView intelligent position transducer for hydraulic cylinders which uses the piston itself as a sensing element.

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Liebherr presents the intelligent position transducer LiView which determines the exact piston position and speed through high-resolution absolute measurement.

  • Especially suitable for automation of mobile machinery
  • Can be easily integrated, is universally applicable and extremely robust
  • Utilizes the piston itself as robust sensing element
  • System consists of processing electronics and two probes
  • Measures cylinder’s scattering parameters using signals at different frequencies injected onto cylinder itself
  • Piston position and speed are calculated in real-time by processing electronics, allowing dynamic automation of machines for more efficiency and higher productivity
  • Fixed installation of all components, so there are no moving parts in oil (e.g. magnet) required which may cause contamination
  • Electronics can be installed either on cylinder or directly on machine
  • Only both probe heads require a connection to piston rod bearing
  • Probe heads swim on an oil film and are therefore wear-free
  • No further modifications of cylinder or drilling the piston rod are necessary
  • Integration concept ensures easy accessibility of all components
  • Space in cylinder can be used entirely for the idle stroke, as the probe heads are integrated in the piston rod bearing
  • Full cylinder length is available with position transducer installed
  • Allows installation on small and in very long cylinders
  • Functionality can be configured in accordance with specific application requirements
  • Certified according to EN ISO 13849 PL d and EN IEC 61508 SIL2e for safety-relevant applications
  • Measurement cycle of <200 μs
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