SKF CAHB Electromechanical Linear Actuators

At CONEXPO 2017, SKF will debut its latest CAHB electromechanical linear actuators with improved sealing and maximum thrust of 10,000N.

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SKF has substantially increased the thrust and holding force of its CAHB electromechanical linear actuators.

  • Features improved sealing from IP66S to IP69K/66M (with Gore automotive vent)
  • Includes three new products - CAHB-20E, CAHB-21E and CAHB-22E - offering more than double the rated load compared with previous designs
  • Delivers maximum thrust of 10,000N and a holding force of up to 20,000N, ensuring maximum operational safety
  • Viable drop-in replacement for many more hydraulically actuated systems in agricultural and construction equipment
  • Reduces complexity of existing hydraulic circuits, improving operational efficiency and reliability, simplifying installation and ongoing maintenance
  • Provides new levels of speed and precision
  • Includes optional manual override with integrated hand crank that enables units to be adjusted without power or need for special tools, plus optional absolute or incremental position feedback
  • Compact design
  • Maintains stroke length while featuring shorter retracted length
  • Includes CAHB-2XE Series, the latest addition to SKF’s BeyondZero customer solutions, which are designed to bring significant environmental benefits to customers
  • CAHB-2XE Series saves as much as 20% of the energy required by alternative hydraulically actuated systems by not requiring consumables such as hydraulic oil and seals
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