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Pedro Roquet's automated line will add 200,000 cylinders per year to its 2006 figure of over 350,000 cylinders.
• Up to maximum 120 mm bore/80 mm rod and closed centers of up to 1,750 mm
• Majority of cylinders produced are 50-80 mm bore and 25-50 mm rod
• Most rods are induction hardened and highly corrosion resistant (500 hours NSS salt spray)
• Cylinder tubes are honed after welding the ports in position, removing the typical deformations produced by the welding operation and permiting interesting damping options (piston over port), and improving seal life
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The Dill Steam Shovel and Derrick Car. The steam piston for tilting the dipper is seen under the dipper stick, and the entire boom tipped on the curved plate at its base.