Walterscheid Hydraulic Cylinders with Integrated Damping Systems

Walterscheid's hydraulic cylinders with integrated damping systems feature a nitrogen gas accumulator in the piston rod.

Walterscheid Cylinder With Damping System

Walterscheid presents its range of hydraulic cylinders with integrated damping systems. 

  • Based on a hydraulic cylinder with integrated gas accumulator and damping mechanism
  • Nitrogen gas accumulator is integrated in the piston rod
  • Damping mechanism controls the flow of hydraulic oil to reduce pressure peaks
  • Gas accumulator absorbs extra pressure created by mechanical impacts on hydraulic element
  • Hydraulic fluid taken in due to extra load is returned to the system evenly, and there is no risk of a rebound stroke
  • Rebound strokes are damped via a system which controls the energy release phase by adjusting the return flow rate
  • Block valve protects fluids inside the cylinder
  • Valve for refilling gas is easily accessible at the end of the piston rod
  • Screw plug protects the valve against dirt and acts as an additional seal
  • Accumulator piston is made of aluminum and features low-friction seals designed to withstand high temperatures
  • Damping valve is located inside the cylinder piston
  • Movement required for positioning cylinder is the same as with standard processes, preventing it from being positioned too close to the end of a stroke, which would prevent any adjustment of the cylinder length and thus any absorption of excessive loads
  • Helps enhance machine productivity by improving  road-holding properties, allowing ground speed to be adapted in case of difficult conditions
  • Operator comfort is improved as shocks and counter-shocks are reduced
  • Fewer pressure peaks reduces wear
  • Provides reliable accumulator operation even under extremely challenging conditions
  • Seals with a low friction factor and high thermal resistance allow internal accumulator to operate across a range from -20-80 C (-4-176 F)

Walterscheid Cylinder With Damping System Cutaway

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