Bosch Rexroth Piston-Gear Pump Assembly

The piston-gear pump assembly features a tandem configuration combining the A1VO/A10VO axial piston pumps and AZPF/AZPW external gear pumps to provide machine designers a single, space-saving solution.

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Bosch Rexroth introduced its piston-gear pump assembly featuring an optimized pump interface.

  • Designed to help mobile machine builders fit multiple pump configurations into tight machine spaces
  • Provides a compact, fully engineered tandem pump configuration for mobile machines that use both types of hydraulic pumps to power implements and other equipment
  • Tandem configuration combines two proven Rexroth hydraulic pump series: the A1VO/A10VO axial piston pumps and the AZPF/AZPW external gear pumps
  • Incorporates a common suction port, eliminating the need for separate hydraulic lines to each pump and reducing potential points of failure or leakage, as well as reducing costs associated with hydraulic feed lines
  • Hydraulic fluid is first fed into the axial piston pump, then fed from the piston pump through special passageways into the front flange of the gear pump which is mounted directly to the back of the piston pump
  • Enables mobile machine builders to simplify their designs
  • High-performance A1VO/A10VO variable displacement pump can supply the power needed to drive implements, such as shovels and skid steer lifts, while the fixed displacement AK gear pump can support machine functions such as fan drives
  • Both the axial piston and gear pumps have been specially engineered to integrate into the single assembly
  • Helps save space in tight mobile machine enclosures
  • Eliminates time and resources mobile machine builders expend to integrate two separate pumps on one machine
  • Serves wide range of displacement requirements and mobile equipment applications
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