NG16 Leak-Proof Proportional Throttle Cartridge Valve

Bucher Hydraulics introduces its NG16 leak-proof proportional throttle cartridge valve featuring high functional stability in vibration-prone systems.

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Bucher Hydraulics introduces its NG16 leak-proof proportional throttle cartridge, a high-performance screw-in cartridge with low head loss at high flow rates, leak tightness and high functional stability in vibration-prone systems.

  • Pilot operated
  • Nominal size of 16 with an M33 x 2 thread suitable for mounting cavities to ISO 7789
  • Required flow rate can be set at infinitely variable levels subject to the electrical target value
  • Optimum release of low flow rates in combination with pressure compensation cartridges allows heavy loads to be moved in a very sensitive, load-compensated and controlled manner
  • Leak proof in the 2 → 1 direction
  • Normally closed
  • Available in two nominal sizes in a compact design for ER and DH mounting cavities
  • Features pressure loadable wet-armature solenoids with rotating slip-on coil
  • Various plug connections and voltages available
  • Can be fitted in a line-mounting body
  • All external parts are zinc-plated and chromated (free of chrome VI)
  • Provides reproducibility, functional reliability and stability
  • Offers safe operation over the entire pressure and flow rate range, even when high pressure differences are involved
  • Highly stable in vibration-prone systems
  • Features simple integration in systems thanks to its high functional stability
  • Reduces operating costs due to its energy efficiency
  • Offers long working life without time-consuming maintenance work


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