High-Electro-Proportional Directional Valves

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The SP16-20 and SP16-21 proportional directional valves offer very high flow capabilities. These poppet-type valves are ideal for low-leakage blocking and load-holding applications. The SP16-20 is now rated up to 333 lpm/88 gpm, and the SP16-21 is rated up to 265 lpm/70 gpm.Both feature very low internal leakage of 7 dpm, less than 10% hysteresis, and interchangeable coil voltages and terminations. 'M,' 'Y,' or 'J' -type manual overrides are available for the SP16-20. With the 'Y,' or 'J' manual overrides, flow performance may be diminished. The 'P' manual override is available for the SP16-21.The SP16-20 was originally rated to 257 lpm/68 gpm, but after signifi cant improvements to the poppet design, flow capacities have now been increased by up to 30%, making them among the highest flow rated 16-size proportional directional cartridge valves on the market today.

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