SV10 Solenoid Valves

Comatrol has released three SV10 Solenoid Valves featuring an updated float feature on two of the valves.

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Comatrol018 10714694

Comatrol introduces three SV10 Solenoid Valves: SV10-34-14, SV10-24-06 and SV10-24-02. 

  • Includes updated float feature on two of the valves, providing circuit designers a new function for cylinder float control
  • Enables customers to make float circuits like height control or fourth position float
  • Float position connects both ends of the cylinder (or motor) to tank
  • Rated pressure is 230 bar (3,335 psi) with rated flows from 17 to 24 lpm (4.8 to 6.3 gpm)
  • Select robust coil for extreme environmental conditions
  • AC coils and optional bidirectional diodes are also available for use as needed
  • Requires energizing to go to float position
  • SV10-34-14 is a three-position, four-way valve
  • For the SV10-34-14, use optional 500 micron inlet screen to protect system from large particles
  • SV10-24-06 is a two-position, four-way with float in the shifted position
  • SV10-24-02 is a two-position, four-way with normally closed schematic
  • Apply SV10-24-06 in parallel with an SV10-34-02 (or equivalent schematic) to create a fourth position float circuit
  • Combining SV10-24-06 with SV10-34-02 enables it to become a third coil to energize to apply float, connecting both of the ports of the cylinder or motor to tank
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