DV15 High Flow Directional Piloted Valves

Comatrol introduces its DV15 high flow directional control valves featuring a flow capacity of 70 LPM.

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Comatrol announces the release of its five-position DV15 high flow directional control valves.   

  • Rated pressure of 230 bar (3,335 psi)
  • Provides flow capacity of 70 LPM (18.4 GPM) at 7 bar pressure drop 
  • Capable of up to 80 LPM (21.2 GPM)
  • Two-position, four-way design
  • Available in various schematics
  • Can be shifted by applying a 2-bar (29 psi) pilot pressure to port 5
  • Can be used to help create a more compact, efficient and cost-effective reversing fan drive solution
  • Provides way to control the direction of flow on vehicles with a very low pressure drop
  • Allows piloting using a solenoid and other valves, including sequence, relief and manual valves
  • Helps reduce space and increase circuit efficiency
  • Can be piloted using one of Comatrol’s Robust Coils, designed to withstand extreme ambient temperatures when mounted in an engine compartment
  • Features total length of 101 mm (4.0 in.)
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