CINDY-REG Load-Holding and Load-Control Valve

The CINDY-REG load-holding and load-control valve from Bucher Hydraulics is designed to save energy use directly at the cylinder.

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With the CINDY-REG load-holding and load-control valve, Bucher Hydraulics can offer energy savings directly at the cylinder.

  • Smart recuperation/regeneration concept reuses part of the oil flow, which is fed directly into the opposite side of the cylinder
  • Unused oil goes directly to tank with no back pressure
  • During lowering operations on mobile machines the pump output flow can be significantly reduced, helping save energy
  • Allows saved pump output flow to be used for other functions
  • Features zero-leakage control assembly and fast-acting, directly operated pressure relief function
  • Includes integral balance valve for tandem applications
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 25%
  • Maintenance-free design
  • No energy is used to lower loads
  • Fulfils the safety requirements of ISO 8643 and EN 474
  • Compactly constructed
  • Provides long service life dues to hardened and ground seat-valve components
  • Valve opening action is pilot-operated
  • Features directly operated, fast-acting secondary pressure relief and integral air-bleeding of the pilot circuit
  • Pilot ratio 1:113
  • Load-control valve, check valve and pipe-rupture valve are functionally combined in one coaxial valve assembly
  • Unaffected by return-line pressure
  • No dynamic seals
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