Low-Watt Valves

The Bucher Hydraulics "low-watt" valves feature 8-watt solenoid coils that enable the valves to offer low power consumption.

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Bucher Hydraulics has several model ranges of “low-watt” valves that feature very low power consumption due to their 8-watt solenoid coils.

  • No other electrical components (such as relays, etc.) are necessary  when connecting directly to PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) 
  • Low power consumption allows several valves to be controlled with a standard PLC controller
  • Straightforward design delivers good price/performance ratio
  • Features high-pressure wet-armature solenoids with rotatable slip-on coil
  • Various plug-connector systems and voltages are available
  • Some models available with manual override
  • All external parts zinc plated, chromited (CrVI-free)
  • Can be fitted in a line-mounting body
  • Offers simple system integration via high functional stability
  • Provides durability with no need for time-consuming maintenance work
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