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Nimco circuit selector valves are designed to redirect the work and return flow from one function to another.

  • SVB 04/06 6/2 valve can have up to three separate valves stacked together allowing the user to direct one flow to up to three different functions by activating the valve with a 12 or 24V direct acting solenoid; available in pneumatic, hydraulic and manual versions
  • RRV 3/2 high flow circuit selector valve is used as a stoke limiting valve; available in up to 40 different configurations for different functions; can be equipped with a wide range of spools and spool controls
  • SVL Series valves are designed to be assembled on loader arm cross beams as a midpoint assembly block for pipes and hoses with an integrated cross-over relief valve, a 6/2 or 8/2 circuit selector valve and accumulator connection build in the same envelope
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