Poclain CETOP3 Directional Control Valve

The CETOP3 directional control valve from Poclain Hydraulics has a five-chamber housing to ensure reliable operation in heavy-duty conditions.

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Poclain Hydraulic launches a series of directional control valves for sub-plate mounting size 6 to ISO 4401, the CETOP3.

  • Housing has been optimized for reduced weight, pressure losses and internal leakage
  • Five-chamber housing assures reliable operation in heavy-duty conditions with maximum pressure of 350 bar on ports P, A, B and 250 bar on port T
  • Maximum flow is 80 l/min
  • Features connector type EN 175301, AMP, Deutsch
  • Includes various emergency control options
  • Surface protection is phosphated, zinc coated or painted


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