HAWE EDL Proportional Directional Spool Valve

HAWE Hydraulik's EDL proportional directional spool valve controls the direction and speed of several hydraulic functions in parallel and independently of load.

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The proportional directional spool valve type EDL from HAWE Hydraulik SE is well suited for hydraulic positioning and actuating functions in agricultural machines.

  • Controls direction and speed of movement of several hydraulic consumers in parallel and independently of the load
  • Implementation of every function remains unaffected by implementation of the other functions
  • Operates with load-sensing system, and is controlled directly and actuated electrically
  • Flow rates for each different consumer can be adjusted individually
  • Values ranging from less than one to 50 l/min are possible
  • Spool pistons are available in seven graduated sizes, with the smallest spool size allowing a maximum flow rate of 3 l/min
  • Provides optimal resolution and enables speeds of hydraulic motors to be controlled with very high precision
  • For system pressures of up to 320 bar
  • Flow resistance is 50% lower than usual, improving energy efficiency of hydraulic system
  • Flange hole pattern is same as for size 2 of the series PSL proportional directional spool valves for a volume flow up to 60 l/min
  • Can be provided with additional hydraulic functions by means of flange-mounted blocks and intermediate plates from the modular system
  • Type EDL and PSL valves can be combined very easily in a joint control block if specific consumers need to be controlled via CANbus


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