tecsis Inclination Sensors

The tecsis range of inclination sensors can record angle changes at speeds of up to 5 degrees per second.

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In order to be able to accurately determine the inclination of machinery or machinery components, tecsis GmbH now has a wide range of inclination sensors.

  • Operates using dielectric liquid, the surface of which always aligns itself horizontally by means of gravity
  • Liquid is located between two circular electrodes, one of which is divided into two semicircles and the space between them is half-filled with the liquid
  • When sensor rotates, capacities between the two semicircular electrodes at one side and counter-electrode at other side change
  • Electronic system records capacity difference to calculate inclination angle
  • Measurement covering 360 degrees can be made with high precision of <0.3 degrees
  • Angle resolution is 0.01 degrees
  • Angle changes can be recorded at speeds of up to 5 degrees/s
  • Fulfills high protection classes and insensitive to vibration and shocks
  • Temperature range of -40-80 C (-40-176 F)
  • Available in different versions: with pressure-resistant encapsulation for applications in potentially explosive areas, with option of recording inclination in two directions simultaneously, or in redundant version for safety-related applications

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