Agritechnica 2017 to Feature New, Optimized Floor Plan

Agritechnica's optimized floor plan features a clear sector group concept, which enables visitors to find their way around quickly and easily.

DLG (German Agricultural Association)

Agritechnica is the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment. This year more than 2,800 exhibitors from 53 countries will present their innovations and developments at the Hanover Fairgrounds. One of Agritechnica’s unique features is its clear sector group concept, which enables visitors to find their way around quickly and easily. The sector group concept has been further optimized for this year’s Agritechnica. The most important changes are:

  • New sector groups in Hall 21, including tractors, ministries, federations and associations, organizations and DLG, including Campus & Career and the International Visitors’ Lounge.
  • Technology for organic fertilizing is now located in Halls 22 and 23.
  • Hall 15 has been expanded to make room for more precision farming technology and agricultural software.
  • Systems & Components now occupies Halls 15 (north part), 16, 17 and 18.

The new floor plan guarantees easy orientation and helps visitors to make optimal use of their day at the fair. A free shuttle service is also available on the grounds to take visitors to the individual halls they wish to visit.

Special “Future crop protection – responsibility needs ideas”

Sustainable agriculture aims to increase productivity while conserving the environment and its resources. To do this, farmers around the world need access to technology. Under the heading “Green Future – Smart Technology”, Agritechnica will present the latest technologies and trends that help increase agricultural productivity, but more sustainably. These include the latest developments in the field of crop protection, including drones and robots, forecasting models, nozzle technology, mechanical plant protection technology and GPS controls. In the Special “Future crop protection – responsibility needs ideas”, 14 manufacturers, institutions and expert partners will show their latest technologies for mechanical and chemical crop protection in Hall 15. At forum events, experts will take up relevant themes and put them forward for discussion. This special programme provides visitors with a unique platform to compare systems and engage with experts in an exchange of ideas.

“Systems & Components”

For the third time, Agritechnica offers a special program for systems, modules and accessories for agricultural machinery and equipment. This year’s theme is “Stay Connected!” Around 700 companies will present innovations and solutions from the fields of engines, hydraulics, axles, drive systems, cabs, electronics, replacement and wear parts in Halls 15, 16, 17 and 18. This year, Systems & Components addresses current trends such as digital transformation and Big Data, and offers an ambitious exchange of knowledge between exhibitors and visitors. Visit the “Future Lounge” auditorium in Hall 17, open Monday to Friday, to follow up on specific systems and components-related themes, including “Smart Maintenance,” “Smart Materials,” “Human Machine Interface,” “Alternative Drive Systems,” and “Corporate Engineering/Future Engineering.” The “Future Lounge” programme will include presentations by distinguished guest speakers, exhibitors, and university and institute representatives, all on the topic of agriculture.

Future forum for the agricultural sector – high-level international technical program

This year’s high-level technical programme will include congresses, workshops and forums. Here, technology trends are presented and issues affecting agriculture and agricultural machinery are addressed. For instance, on November 10 and 11, VDI Wissensforum will present “LAND.TECHNIK AgEng 2017,” a conference that discusses developments in agricultural machinery and results of the latest research. The conference will take place in the Convention Center of the Hanover Fairgrounds.

The international event series “Ag Machinery International - Access to emerging markets” will continue this year as well. Each day, the fair will focus on a different agricultural machinery markets, including Eastern Europe, China and South-East Africa. For the first time, it will also look at markets in South-East Asia. At these events experts will explore market potential, market access, financing frameworks and technology requirements.

Topical arable farming issues will also be on the agenda at a forum located in Hall 15. The events, offered daily from 11:00 h to 12:00 h, will be presented in German and English simultaneously.

Look for discussions on the potential of agriculture in Ukraine, the Seed Congress and the Young Farmers Day organised by Young DLG.

Forestry and landscape

This year, a variety of exhibitors will present forestry machinery and equipment for woodland farming in Hall 26 and adjacent outdoor area. The highlight here is the Special, “Comparing logging trailers”. Look for live demonstrations of equipment from well-known manufacturers in the outdoor area. A further focus will be on ergonomic forestry tools and equipment. At the Forestry & Landscape Information Centre in Hall 26, master foresters will show which tools and equipment are suitable for different tasks. They will also explain how those tools are used and how to maintain them to ensure a long service life. In addition, experts from the DLG forestry sector, the Federation of German Forest Owners Associations (AGDW), and from the Lower Saxony State Forests will be available in the Forestry & Landscape Information Centre to answer any questions visitors may have.                        

Also located in Hall 26 is the Municipal Applications sector. Here a variety of exhibitors will show their innovations and further developments, including summer/winter services and composting. Interested visitors will find everything corresponding to this special programme under one roof.

“Workshop LIVE”

In cooperation with the German machinery dealer association, LandBauTechnik-Bundesverband, the Special “Workshop LIVE” will be held for the sixth time at Agritechnica this year. Agricultural and construction machinery mechanics of all levels (apprentice, service technician and master craftsman) will offer practical demonstrations each hour.

After each 30-minute presentation, visitors will have an opportunity to speak directly with the demonstrators. Once again, a comprehensive program will complement “Workshop LIVE”. Geared toward students aged 14–16 with a keen interest in skilled trades, this program presents an excellent information-gathering opportunity.

International Dealer and Service Provider Center

DLG, the German machinery dealer association LandBauTechnik-Bundesverband, and the association of European agricultural machinery dealers, CLIMMAR, are again organizing an International Dealer and Service Provider Centre at Agritechnica 2017. Located in Hall 2 at the Fairgrounds in Hanover, it will give agricultural machinery dealers from all over the world a central location for information and services. In addition, expert service providers from fields such as financing, insurance, logistics, used machinery platforms, freight forwarding, customs handling and personnel services will present their programs in the integrated Service Centre. This is an excellent platform for establishing contacts worldwide.

DLG with stand in Hall 21

This year, DLG presents an extensive professional program in Hall 21, focusing on the guiding theme “Green Future – Smart Technology”. This year, the program introduces “AgriLog”, a project that addresses exact pinpointing of field positions. In addition, experts from the DLG Test Center Technology will provide information about tested auto-steering systems on tractors. The DLG stand acts as the central meeting place for professionals and DLG members from home and abroad who are interested in the organization’s work.

Campus & Career – the platform for occupations and careers, science and research

Everything in Hall 21 revolves around professional careers, science and research. Altogether, the 44 exhibitors, ranging from medium-sized companies to global players, ministries, associations and federations, personnel consultants, technical colleges and universities as well as research institutes, present an attractive program. Visitors can establish contact with companies that are recruiting personnel, as well as make enquiries about possible apprenticeships, courses, or opportunities for further training and continuing education.. Here, too, technical colleges, universities and research institutes will present their latest scientific projects. Other hubs in this trade fair sector include the Career Mile, the Jobs Wall, the DLG career advice and professional guidance program, and an extensive stage program with a broad range of lectures, presentations and discussion panels.

International Visitors’ Lounge in Hall 21

The International Visitors’ Lounge is the central meeting place for visitors from all over the world. This year the lounge will be located in Hall 21, next to the main DLG Information Stand. Guests from home and abroad can meet there to engage in technical discussions and plan their tour of the trade fair. In addition, representatives of the international DLG subsidiaries will be available to provide information about professional services and trade fairs worldwide.

International contact platform “Match & Meet”

Once again there will be an international “Match & Meet” contact platform available at Agritechnica. Exhibitors and visitors can register their profile online, including details on what they are seeking or what they offer. Special software, which is designed to compare requests, arranges an introductory meeting at Agritechnica. More information on “Match & Meet” and online registration.