Stafford Mfg. Clamping Shaft Collars and Rigid Couplings

Stafford Accu Clamp Shaft Collars

A full line of shaft collars, mounting collars, and sleeve couplings that provide highly accurate working surfaces and mar-free clamping has been introduced by Stafford Manufacturing Corp..

  • Accu-Clamp shaft collars feature an integral clamp on one side while leaving the other flat and perpendicular within 0.001 in. TIR to permit mounting next to precision bearings, sprockets, and gears
  • Accu-Mount and Accu-Flange collars have a centering hub with predrilled and tapped holes on their flat side and flange
  • Shaft collars are available made from aluminum, steel, and stainless steel in 0.5 to 2 in. I.D. sizes
  • Precision one-piece sleeve coupling with rigid center clamp section and the Accu-Clamp feature at each end is offered for a distortion-free coupling with a more precise fit and shaft-to shaft concentricity within 0.001 in. TIR
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