Comet EX780 and EX1190 Torque Converters

Comet’s new EX780 and EX1190 torque converters can be used in a variety of applications and customized to OEM specifications.

EX1190 Torque Converter
EX1190 Torque Converter
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Comet introduces the EX780 and EX1190 torque converters for OEM applications.

  • Can be used in a variety of applications and  or customized for an OEM’s particular use 
  • Multiple weight and spring calibration options allow for peak engine and overall unit performance 


  • Highly tunable drive clutch
  • Can be used with a selection of several different driven diameters and spring configurations
  • Suited for applications where immediate response to torque demand is required for down shifting and where engine speed is ideally maintained at its peak rpm 
  • Engine ratings include 4 cycle 20 hp (14.91 kW) and, 2 cycle 30 hp (22.37 kW) engine rating
  • 1-in. (0.39 cm) bore drive
  • 750-3,750 rpm max speeds  

EX 1190        

  • Super-duty drive and driven units  
  • Manufactured from heavy gauge stamped steel with optional hard anodized aluminum pulley faces to withstand extreme conditions and abrasive environments
  • Engine rating of 24+ hp (15.66+ kW) 
  • 1-1/8 and 1-7/16 in. (2.86 and 3.65 cm) bore sizes 
  • 3.41:1 low and 0.68:1 high pulley ratios 

EX780 Automatic Torque ConverterEX780 Automatic Torque ConverterComet

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