Zero-Max CD Couplings With Flex Element

Zero-Max CD couplings with flex element provide electrical insulation and protect mechanical components.

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Zero-Max CD couplings are designed with composite flex elements that are non-conductive in addition to their primary function. Motion system designers can use the CD couplings to arrest electrical current and protect mechanical components from system reaction loads.

  • Protects against stray electrical current
  • Prevents generators in a system from transferring lower reaction loads to the generator bearings 
  • Composite discs withstand all types of environmental elements, including temperature extremes from -40 to +70C, as well as moisture and chemicals 
  • Features zero backlash
  • Works for reversing loads
  • Operates smoothly at high speeds
  • Compact size with a clamping system that fits most applications
  • Long life cycles and less replacement over time
  • Available in many models and sizes, including custom designs for unusually large and challenging applications such as wind turbines
  • Standard models and sizes include single and double flex models with clamp style hubs with or without keyways
  • Torque capacities range from 40Nm to 1436Nm and beyond with speed ratings from 4400 RPM to 17,000 RPM
  • Made from RoHS compliant materials 



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