Eaton Introduces Multiplate System for Faster Coupling Connectivity

The Multiplate system support two to six of Eaton's FF Seris Quick Disconnect Couplings simultaneously to make connectivity faster and easier.

Eaton Flat Face (ff) Series Quick Disconnect Couplings
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Power management company Eaton announces it has expanded its fluid conveyance portfolio with a new Multiplate system for its Flat Face (FF) Series Quick Disconnect Couplings. The new offering enables more compact, powerful and fuel-efficient machines in industries like agriculture, construction and commercial transport.

The innovative Multiplate system supports two to six FF Quick Disconnect Couplings simultaneously and makes connectivity both faster and simpler during assembly and maintenance. Its compact design offers manufacturers greater design flexibility and allows for the creation of smaller, lighter and highly energy-efficient machines. Manufacturers can benefit from the system`s optimized weight, and the ability to easily move attachments and create connections in the field. Simple assembly, installation and maintenance is further supported by an internal mechanism that lowers the force to connect by 40% and the ability to integrate Eaton’s Flat Face Series Disconnect couplings.

“Our new Multiplate system enhances all the benefits of our market-leading FF Series Quick Disconnect Couplings,” says Christian Kuenstel, Product Manager, Connectors, EMEA, Eaton. “With many industries seeing growing demand for more compact and powerful machines, our innovative system enables greater flexibility in machine design, as well as ease-of-use for operators and outstanding reliability and corrosion resistance. Our wide range of customization options can meet the needs of just about any application, with the added peace of mind that comes from our global footprint, comprehensive supporting services and broad fluid conveyance portfolio.”

Currently, Eaton’s FF series support 60% higher working pressures and up to 74% higher flow rates compared to ISO 16028 standards, which result in lower energy loss and optimized fuel consumption. The new Multiplate system further maximizes machines performance, and also enhances machine reliability and safety by eliminating the risk of crossed lines.

The Multiplate system is made with Eaton’s eco-friendly and nickel-free Guardian Seal coating, which comes standard on the Quick Disconnect Couplings in the system’s fixed and movable plate. This coating enables up to 1,000 hours of corrosion resistance even in the harshest environments. The Multiplate system’s fixed plate, moving plate and handle also come in anodized aluminum to ensure longevity.

Cleanliness is another crucial factor to the performance and operational lifetime of hydraulic systems. When using Eaton’s connect-under-pressure plug, FF Quick Disconnect couplings can be connected at up to 350 bar residual pressure without leaking or taking in air and contaminants. This enables faster maintenance by not requiring the time or specialized tools needed to depressurize the entire system.

Eaton’s Multiplate system further reduces the risk of contamination thanks to an integrated sealing band between the plates and a dust cap that automatically closes when couplings are disconnected. Designed to be highly customizable, Eaton’s Multiplate system also offers optional electrical connectors, specialized couplings for water or air and flat face couplings in alternative materials.