Customized High Torque CD Couplings

Zero-Max announces the release of its customized high torque CD couplings which are available in diameters of up to 20 in.

Zero Max Hightorquecouplings 10740720
Zeromaxinc 10056331

Customized high torque CD couplings up to 20 in. in diameter handling 78,000 Nm peak torque are now available from Zero-Max.

  • Combines high torsional stiffness and high load capacity 
  • Features torsional stiffness of 419,000 Nm/DEG and continuous torque of 39,000 Nm
  • Includes angular misalignment capacity of 1.5 degrees with axial misalignment of 6.5 mm and parallel misalignment of 0.24 mm
  • Design is centered around unique composite center disc
  • Performs at peak torques in a range of operating environments from -70 to 250°F (-57 to 121 C)
  • Composite center disc is manufactured to strict aerospace and Six Sigma practices
  • Hub material is 1045 HR steel with fasteners made of titanium 6AL4V grade 5 materials
  • All components tested with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software for predictable characteristics
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