ServoClass Couplings with Solid Film Lubricant Treatment

Zero-Max is using a solid film lubricant treatment on its ServoClass couplings to ensure smooth operation at any speed.

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The ServoClass couplings from Zero-Max feature a solid film lubricant treatment on the threads of all the socket head cap screws to ensure couplings are assembled correctly and will grip the shaft precisely.

  • Runs smoothly and performs at the highest level in applications of any speed
  • Features precise 304 stainless steel disc members
  • Aligned and locked precisely into position onto high strength aluminum alloy hubs with ISO 4762 XL 12.9 corrosion-resistant socket head cap screws
  • Well suited for precise positioning requirements and high speed reversing loads common of many AC and DC servo motor systems
  • Provides superior shaft engagement and reliable use with system speeds up to 10,000 rpm
  • Increased clamping strength eliminates need for keyways while providing a clean, balanced design
  • Available in 12 sizes with both single and double disc models
  • Handles torque ratings ranging from 0.5 to 250 Nm
  • Accommodates parallel (radial), axial and angular misalignments
  • Manufactured with RoHS compliant materials
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