GKN Stromag Electromagnetic 2-in-1 Clutch/Coupling

The GKN Stromag 2-in-1 clutch/coupling provides control of torsional vibration and remote controlled driveline engagements in a single unit.

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The electromagnetic “2-in-1” clutch/coupling from GKN Stromag offers a single component capable of both controlling torsional vibration and allowing for remote controlled driveline engagements and disengagements.

  • Combines torsional vibration damping with fully integrated, intelligent, dry-running electromagnetic clutch utilizing easily accessed on-board electric power
  • Fully integrated and self-contained design
  • Allows for simplified installation and operation with minimum footprint and weight
  • Eliminates need for auxiliary pneumatic or hydraulic systems, saving on installation space and costs
  • Handles 2,500+ hp diesel and natural gas engine applications with common SAE 21 [in] flywheels and SAE #00 bellhousing connections
  • Package solutions allow for integration into SAE housings for direct mounting to an engine with a bearing supported output shaft for connection to a driveshaft, designed as an open running solution, or even integrated directly into a gearbox



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