Stafford Specialty Rigid Shaft Couplings

The Stafford Specialty Rigid Shaft Couplings are available in various configurations and can be aluminum, steel, stainless steel or ANSI 1018 weldable steel.

15748 Stafford Specialty Couplings

A full line of off-the-shelf specialty rigid shaft couplings that are designed to meet different mounting and positioning challenges has been introduced by Stafford Manufacturing Corp.  

  • Designed to perform specific functions
  • Includes 100:1 Phase Adjuster for precise static phase adjustment, PowerRing Rigid Shaft Couplings that transmit up to three times the torque load of conventional clamp-type couplings
  • Line also includes Precision Sleeve Couplings to assure shaft alignment within 0.001 TIR, flange couplings for mounting, and remachineable couplings for mating dissimilar shafts
  • Available in aluminum, steel, stainless steel and ANSI 1018 weldable steel
  • Offered in 1/4-2 in. (0.6-5.1 cm) bore sizes
  • Applications include maintaining precision shaft alignment and balance for high-speed operation, adjusting phase relationship between two shafts or a mounted component, and connecting and maintaining concentricity between two different size shafts
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