Tritex II DC Actuators

Exlar Corp. introduces its Tritex II DC actuators which are designed for use with process control valves in hazardous areas.

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Exlar Corporation announces its line of Tritex II DC actuators are now CSA certified and in compliance with CSA 139 (Valve Actuator Standard).

  • Accommodates applications requiring CSA Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D certification, making suitable for hazardous location operation
  • Integrates servo drive, digital position controller, brushless motor and linear or rotary actuator in one compact, sealed package
  • Offers 100% continuous duty with life counts in the hundreds of millions of cycles
  • Employs inverted roller screw mechanism, seamlessly converting rotary motion into highly-robust linear motion for sliding stem control valve applications
  • Well suited for operating quarter-turn ball and butterfly control valves or shaft driven dampers 
  • Can be mounted directly on rotary valve, eliminating any linear to rotary conversion hardware
  • Features response times in milliseconds and accuracy of 0.10% of span
  • Capable of reaching speeds up to 25 in./second and forces to 1,000 pounds
  • Eliminates deadband and prevents stiction in the valve stem from causing operation malfunctions, even in continuous duty applications
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