Silicon Designs Model 2220 Series Accelerometers

Silicon Designs Announces Enhanced Bias and Scale Factor Over Temperature Performance for Low-Mass VC Response Accelerometers

Silicon Designs Enhanced Model 2220 March 2018
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Silicon Designs, Inc. announces the recently enhanced performance of its compact, low-mass, single axis Model 2220 Series accelerometers.

  • Incorporates high-performance MEMS chip with high-drive, low-impedance buffering, for industry-exclusive improved bias and scale factor over temperature performance
  • Available in seven unique models
  • Standard measurement ranges from ±2 g to ±200 g
  • Wide frequency response measuring down to zero hertz
  • Housed within an epoxy-sealed rugged anodized aluminum housing, with mounting via two M3 screws
  • Low mass (10 g) and compact size (1 in. x 1 in. x 0.3 in.) help minimize mass loading effects, making it ideal for zero-to-medium frequency acceleration and vibration measurements
  • Responds to both DC and AC acceleration, either with two analog ±4V (differential); or 0.5 to 4.5V (single-ended) outputs that vary with acceleration
  • At zero acceleration, differential voltage output is nominally 0V DC (DC response), with typical 1% cross-axis sensitivity
  • Onboard voltage regulation minimizes supply variation effects
  • Designed to withstand shock inputs of up to 2,000 g over a standard temperature range of –55-125 C
  • Ideal for vibration monitoring and analysis, robotics, biomechanics, automotive RLDA, machinery and equipment control, modal analysis, crash testing, and general in-laboratory applications
  • Non-standard g ranges, packages and connector configurations available upon request
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