SIKO SGH50 Position Senor for Hydraulic and Telescopic Cylinders

SIKO's SGH50 measures distances up to 5 m and features a special plastic which extends its fluid temperature resistance to 105 C.

Sgh50 Telekopzylinder
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The SIKO SGH50 position sensor uses a cable mechanism for absolute measurement of hydraulic or telescopic cylinders.

  • Wire-actuated design
  • Measures distances up to 5 m (16.4 ft.)
  • Target applications are agricultural machinery, construction machines, municipal vehicles, forestry machines, piston accumulators and other industrial applications
  • Features extremely durable design
  • Special plastic extends fluid temperature resistance from 85 C (185 F) to 105 C (221 F)
  • Easily copes with shocks 100 times the force of gravity
  • Flexible cable completely absorbs vibrations, unlike rod-based sensors
  • Hydraulic medium provides additional damping of any vibration
  • Protection rating of IP69K and uses  KV1H plug connections for further durability
  • Analog interfaces, CANopen or SAE J1939 provide communication with machine control system
  • Applications in which maximum functional safety is essential can be supplied with redundant versions (CAT3, PLd) in accordance with EN13849
  • Integrated teach-in function allows measurement length to be taught individually from 0-5 m, reducing number of variants for manufacturers
  • Hollow boring of piston unnecessary, reducing costs for manufacturers

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