Curtiss-Wright WM-H10 Shaft-Operated Rotary Position Sensor

Curtiss-Wright's WM-H10 shaft-operated rotary position sensor has a full range electrical output which can be set to correspond to maximum rotations from 15-360 degrees.

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Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division has announced the launch of the WM-H10, a shaft-operated rotary position sensor featuring a solid-state, Hall-effect sensor that offers two independent and electrically-isolated outputs.

  • Contained in compact housing with integrated connector
  • Robust, mechanical design suits use in hostile, on- and off-highway vehicle environments
  • Full range electrical output can be set to correspond to maximum rotations from 15-360 degrees
  • Provides dual linear output voltage proportional to absolute position of 6 mm (0.24 in.), D-profiled shaft in either direction from a reference angle
  • Integral magnet arrangement ensures consistent sensor-magnet separation to avoid errors associated with air-gap fluctuations
  • Two independent measuring circuits, each with its own +5V DC power supply connection, enable use of algorithms that compare signals for error checking
  • Use of first output signal as source of rotational motion detection, and second signal for diagnostic purposes, comparing positional data from both outputs, signal veracity can be determined, meaning high-performing, safety-critical applications can easily be addressed
  • Further integrity is also provided as outputs enter pre-defined states in the event of connection errors to the sensor
  • Fail-safe outputs
  • IP68/IP69K-rated for water and dust, shock, vibration and temperature
  • Operating temperature from -40-85 C (SAE J1455 [-40-185 F])
  • Lifespan of 10 million cycles at 1Hz
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