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WorkZone PreView single sensor system detects objects and notifies the driver in-cab.

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WorkZone PreView is a pulsed-radar, single sensor system that detects objects in a drivers blind spot, then notifies the driver through an in-cab warning unit with the information they need to react in time to avoid an accident.

  • Increase work truck safety
  • Decrease blind spot accidents
  • New detection pattern

Introducing WorkZone PreView, the newest blind spot safety solution in the PreView family of safety products.

Engineered for light- to medium- duty work trucks, the WorkZone PreView detection zone is ideal for vehicles that require close-in,corner-to-corner blind spot detection along with a narrow detection that extends 10’ beyond the sensor without extending beyond the vehicle’s width.

The result is a blind spot detection radar that easily transitions from a busy work site, to narrow neighborhood roads and alleys, without the nuisance of multiple false alarms caused by wider-ranging detection devices.

Like all PreView Radar systems, WorkZone includes three core components for easy installation: an external sensor designed to work in extreme weather and site conditions; in-cab display to actively notify drivers when an object has entered the pre-set detection zone; and robust cabling that connects the sensor and display.

PreView customers report over 75% decrease in blind spot accidents within the first year of installing PreView.



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